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I started out in 1986 as a professional newspaper photographer and eventually moved up to the Manchester Evening News. Over the years, I’ve covered many types of PR launches which have made great pictures in the papers. Having a professional press photographer to cover your PR launch – on hand to spot that quirky photo opportunity – is the difference between whether your photo is going to make the papers or not. It’s not about having a great camera, it’s about having the experience to know where to be stood and anticipate where the best shots are going to be.

With a strong background in Manchester news photography, I know what’s going to get in the papers and what’s not. When submitting a press release to newspapers, your priority is to get press coverage for your brand/business. The editor’s priority is to sell papers and often papers have their own style of photographs and what they like. Including an image with your article gives you more stand out when it reaches the editors desk, and more stand out in the publication when readers are flicking through. If you can get this photo right, you’re much more likely to get in the paper.

Choosing or taking the right photograph to support your news story often requires thinking outside the box, rather than photographing the most obvious picture. The photograph needs to leap off the page and tell a story, as if it was the only thing on the page without any copy alongside it.

You may for example photograph an event, showing lots of people in attendance, crowds of people having a good time. But on the other hand, you may hone in on one particular individual or a small group of people at the event doing something special which is of more interest to the editor and their readers. You may not know what that ‘money shot’ is before the day, but a good photographer with a vision will be able to spot the opportunity and capture the moment for you.

If you have an upcoming PR launch in or around Manchester and want a photographer’s input for a great picture idea, get in touch with me (Paul) on 07768 553530 or complete the contact form opposite.

We also work with a number of Manchester PR companies so if you have a campaign coming up, please get in touch to discuss your requirements and how we can support you.

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