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A LinkedIn profile photo could make or break your first impression. Is yours up to scratch?

The bottom line is simple - without a high-quality photo on LinkedIn, you can’t make a high-quality impression. Here we explain why...

Increasingly business owners are turning to social networking to create new contacts and connect with customers – and corporate platform LinkedIn is a popular way to do so. Unfortunately though, it’s still common to see businesses that fail to match the quality of the products and services their company provides with the profile image they present to prospective clients on LinkedIn. Smartphone snaps and crops from family photos are popular – low resolution, poor composition. Some are simply unprofessional in their subject matter (featuring beer and bars) or obscure the face of the subject completely.

The bottom line is simple – without a high quality photo on LinkedIn, you can’t make a high quality impression. Here we explain why – and share a few simple tips to help you to improve your presence online without effort or expense.

People buy people

Although fancy branding and a detailed list of your past achievements will count for a lot, at the end of the day people buy people. They want to feel that they trust you before they pick up the phone or write an email – and to trust you, they have to get to know you a little. A picture communicates your values and personality – and your headshot is the very first thing a client sees when they check you out on LinkedIn. Therefore the time you spend carefully curating the content on your profile is likely to be largely wasted if it’s paired with a dodgy digital photograph from your holiday last year.

Your style says a lot about you

Your professional portrait needs to reflect the ‘real you’ – approachable, accessible, trustworthy. The person your customers meet for the first time through networking or a corporate event must match the profile photo you share online. This is why the style of corporate headshots varies greatly. Some are colour – some black and white. Some feature head and shoulders only, whilst others are full length. You may prefer to smile professionally, or laugh out loud. How your personality and your company come across is up to you –

and will depend on the industry you’re in, and the type of person you are. Many of us aren’t necessarily confident on camera – so the skill of the photographer is to bring your personality out in the images without making you feel uncomfortable. At Paul Burrows Photography we work with you to ascertain a style that suits both your personality and the nature of your business.

Professional portrait photography ensures you make a perfect impression, every time

Two images of the exact same person can deliver a very different impression. You can either be someone your client wants to do business with, or an individual they’d rather avoid – the same person, portrayed (and received) two different ways. Photography has powerful implications for the success of your business – so isn’t it better left in professional hands? Whilst headshots may seem simple to create to the untrained eye, they can be incredibly difficult to get right. Lighting, composition and direction of the subject must all be taken into account. Therefore taking care of your headshot photography in-house never produces professional results. This is an investment that will have far-reaching positive consequences – as once you’ve had professional headshots taken for LinkedIn, you can then use them across other marketing material such as websites, brochures and other social media platforms, significantly improving your chanses of turning a positive first impression into a substantial sale.

Could professional headshots help you to present a better business image on LinkedIn? Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

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