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This is Paul,

a Manchester based photographer

My passion is photographing people. It has been since I got my first camera as a teenager. If I didn’t know it before, having two children has made me realise just how quickly time flies. Photographs help you capture those special occasions. Memories you can treasure forever. Special moments you can look back on. Even now with the social media craze, nothing beats a family photo on the wall.

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A little about me...

Living my Dream Everyday

My teenage dream of becoming a photographer became a reality after I graduated from Photography O Level. I became a newspaper photographer. I’ve always had an interest in newspapers so my first job in Oxford as a professional newspaper photographer in 1986 was a logical choice.

Why choose me?

A bit of background

Later, I moved up to Manchester Evening News, and then set out on my own in 2006. My passion for photographing people has lead me to photograph weddings and events. Wedding photography is by far the most rewarding. Being able to capture key moments on camera for the bridal party, family and guests to look back after the event. My wedding photography tells a story of the day which is something I can credit back to the 20 years I spent documenting news events on camera. I try to take as many ‘non posed’ photos as possible, and let the day unfold.

I’ve been very fortunate to photograph royalty, sporting heroes, world leaders, and TV personalities. You can view a small selection of these photographs here.

As well as photographing people, I also do education photography for school prospectuses; commercial photography for brochures, websites, and other marketing collateral; and interior, construction and industrial photography. When a photo represents your brand, it’s important to get it right.

Tina O'Brien fashion shoot Manchester © Paul Burrows Photography

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