A LinkedIn profile photo could make or break your first impression. Is yours up to scratch?

Increasingly business owners are turning to social networking to create new contacts and connect with customers – and corporate platform LinkedIn is a popular way to do so. Unfortunately though, it’s still common to see businesses that fail to match the quality of the products and services their company provides with the profile image they present to prospective clients on LinkedIn. Smartphone snaps and crops from family photos are popular – low resolution, poor composition. Some are simply unprofessional in their subject matter (featuring beer and bars) or obscure the face of the subject completely. The bottom line is simple – without a high quality photo on LinkedIn, you can’t make a high quality impression. Here we explain why – and share a few simple tips to help you to improve your presence online without effort or expense. People buy people Although fancy branding and a detailed list of your past achievements will count for a lot, at the end of the day people buy people. They want to feel that they trust you before they pick up the phone or write an email – and to trust you, they have to get to know you a little. A picture […]